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If you are downloading product updates, the password is included in your update notification email.

Click on:

  • Title – for the download page
  • Categories – for all downloads associated with the software title
  • Download – for download prompt

New Security Feature for downloads.  Download installers have been code-signed for greater security, integrity, ease of download and installation.

New feature for the download list.  You can sort the list by clicking on the column headers for Title, Categories, and Download.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if you have questions or need assistance. Thank you.


Retention Wizard – Update (December 2018)
1 file(s) 3 downloads
Retention Wizard August 12, 2019
Retention Wizard – Full Installation (December 2018)
1 file(s) 0 download
Retention Wizard August 12, 2019




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