Advantages of Records Management

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Electronic Records, IRCH News & Events, Law and Records Management, Retention Wizard

A lot of people will never be interested in trying something out unless they know that they’ll get something out of it. This principle often applies to just about anything, including records management.

If you want to start managing your information more efficiently, you might want to give records management a try. It’s a critical component in any organization. Here’s why.

Preservation of vital information

Since every organization is vulnerable to loss, it is important to have a comprehensive program for protecting its vital information and records from disaster or catastrophe.

Information contained within these records is vital. If only hard copies are available, when a record is misplaced, stolen or lost, it is gone for good. The information within will be gone as well. Records management addresses this issue by creating an electronic version of these documents. Now, information can be accessed electronically and hard copies can be filed for safekeeping.

File pilesAccess

An average worker spends 30% of his time searching for or recreating documents. Converting records into an electronic format, it becomes easier for everyone to find what they need. Plus, data is now readily available regardless of where the original document is filed

Reduce paper stockpile

An average organization makes 19 copies of each document. That said, the amount of paper in our office continues to grow every day. An effective records management system addresses the issue by eliminating the need to reproduce extra copies of a certain document and disposal of inactive records.

To reduce operating costs

Record keeping requires office space, filling equipment and staffing to organize and maintain a filing system.

Companies or organizations without a records management system in place would transfer their files in an off-site storage. Without digital copies on site, a person will have to visit their storage site, look for the necessary document, photocopy it and return back to the office. Not only is it time-consuming, it is also costly. Have you seen the price of gasoline these days?

With records management in place, employees can easily download the file through a secure website, ending the cost of travelling and photocopying.


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