Historical Experience

Historical Experience

Searching for a Retention Resource such as consultants or services involves researching their expertise, experience and common sense about retention issues.

  • How long have they been working in the retention field?
  • Do they have a legal understanding of retention research?
  • Do they understand the difference between a record container and content?
  • How diverse is their client portfolio as far as industry diversity and size?
  • Are they legal experts in records retention law and best practices?
You have discovered Information Requirements Clearinghouse (IRCH).  What is their experience and expertise in record retention issues?


IRCH has:

  • offered records retention legal retention research and consulting since 1984
  • legal staff doing retention research on the state, national and international levels on a daily basis
  • published records retention articles and publications
  • developed and published retention schedule development software used to develop thousands of retention schedules
  • completed hundreds of records retention projects for varied industries
  • served as subcontractor for records companies and consultants
  • provided expert witness services

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