Retention Consulting

IRCH consults in the areas of law (specializing in legal research), records retention policy and schedules, document retention and information management. Every year, whether it’s a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we complete more records retention schedules than any other firm. We also provide consulting services related to the legality of optical disk and other types of record media.

Led by the President of IRCH, Donald Skupsky, his more than thirty-five years of professional experience in the records retention field ensures the success of projects from initiation through consultation to completion.

How we help

We utilize proprietary, state-of-the-art software with an extensive legal database to develop programs quickly and accurately.

Our legal database is routinely updated with changes and revisions of related laws and citations. This enables us to devote more attention to specific industries and activities in which our consulting clients operate, rather than common laws such as tax and employment.

We develop retention schedules based on the always evolving Skupsky Retention Method. Mr. Skupsky is considered the foremost national authority on the subject.

Retention schedules:

  • Contain appropriate legal research
  • Do not require revision when organizations reorganize
  • Contain consistent and accurate retention periods
  • Rarely have to be changed even when laws change
  • Can quickly be updated.

Our goal is your self-sufficiency


Our resources are available after the project is completed as well, and can help you attain self-sufficiency in your program development. After the project ends, retention schedules become an effective tool in moving forward.

There are also options for delivering completed projects using our Retention Manager software. As company policies can evolve, this allows the software tools and methodology to update, revise and mantain current records programs.

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