Tips for a Greener Records Management

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Electronic Records, Green Business Practices

Your company’s choice of supplies and equipment, along with records management practices affects its overall impact to the environment.

Today, a lot of companies and organizations are discovering first-hand that going green is great for business. By making your records management program more environmentally friendly, it provides a multitude of benefits that goes beyond the feel good factor. Not only does becoming eco-friendly help sustain the planet, it also help you save money and improve the way customers see your company.

Check out the tips below and practice a greener records management program.

Aim for a less-paper office

For most organizations, eliminating physical records is not an option. However, you can take some steps to reduce the amount of paper your business generates. For this to be effective, individual team members must be committed to the same aim.

Using a centralized filing system is an effective method of reducing paper consumption. Storing all relevant documents in a main location is one way of ensuring that your staff do not generate multiple copies of the same document and prevent versioning issues across the network.

Choose eco-friendly supplies

Today’s businesses operate in a world that places increasing importance in protecting the environment. As a result, the records management industry has created a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable products.
Use durable and re-usable folders, labels and pockets when storing your records. This will enable you to fulfill your records management needs while protecting the environment.

Paper disposal

For any office, paper will undoubtedly be the greatest waste product. That being said, developing a strong recycling and disposal program is necessary.

When it comes to disposing paper, recycling is the best place to start. It cuts associated air pollution by up to 95% and uses up to 55% less energy. Place recycling bins in your office and re-use scrap pieces of paper.

Since not every piece of paper can be recycled, documents that contain confidential information should be shredded.


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