ARMA 2016 Presents “Records Retention for E-mail: Getting it Right!” by Donald Skupsky

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“Records Retention for E-mail: Getting it Right!”

by Donald S. Skupsky JD, CRM, FAI, MIT

ARMA 2016  Tuesday, September 27 @ 8:30 AM (CST)

Attend this information presentation by Donald Skupsky, President of Information Requirements Clearinghouse, to learn how to effectively handle company email, learn to differentiate between container and content.

While electronic mail initially acted as a tool of communication to augment telephone or live meetings, it later evolved into a primary platform for transacting business, storing records and managing records subject to records retention and legal requirements.

mailbox mailThis session untangles the email problem in a clear and concise manner, and provides comprehensive solutions to properly manage records flowing through the email system. Participants will receive detailed, practical approaches to revamp email systems, preserve records, eliminate valueless emails, manage email backups, change corporate culture, and develop short- and long-term solutions.

After attending this presentation, you will be able to:

  1. Focus on the email problems within your organization, understand judicial expectations for email and identify current and potential problems for failing to properly manage emails.
  2. Implement immediate improvements to the email system to ensure retention of required records and destruction of unnecessary email.
  3. Implement longer-term changes to the email system to improve information management and reduce legal risk.
  4. Implement the major changes needed to the email “corporate culture” and procedures to conform the email syste to a more effective role within the information management system.

Donald SkupskyDonald S. Skupsky is President of Information Requirements Clearinghouse in Denver, Colorado. He is also the developer of Retention Manager, the sophisticated records retention software and editor of Legal Requirements for Business Records: The Electronic Edition, a software research tool to search United States and International Law for laws and court cases related to recordkeeping, records retention, evidence and information technology systems.
Mr. Skupsky received the Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Michigan Law School and has been admitted to the bar in Colorado and Michigan. He is also a Certified Record Manager (CRM). Mr. Skupsky also received the prestigious Emmett Leahy Award in 1994 from the Institute of Certified Records Managers for outstanding contributions to the information and records management profession. In 1995, he was admitted to the Company of Fellows of ARMA, International (FAI) — the highest honor bestowed by the association. In 1999, Mr. Skupsky received the Masters of Information Technology (MIT) award from the Association for Information and Image Management.
Mr. Skupsky is also a Records and Information Management Consultant responsible for developing records retention programs and analyzing other legal issues affecting records and information management programs. He conducts national seminars and regularly publishes online articles discussing current retention topics and practices.

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