Helping Employees Adjust to a Records Retention Schedule 

Records retention, the safeguarding and storing of important documents, will be more efficient if every employee is familiar with your company’s process. Instill into your employees that they are obligated to pay attention to and abide by the retention schedule. They should understand that this not only applies to cybersecurity but also any files your company has that contain private information. 

Train New Hires on Retention Policy

Not only is it important for your current employees to understand the importance of retention, but it should be emphasized to new employees from the very beginning. If necessary, update your company’s training regimen to include training and an explanation of the retention policy. From their first day of employment, each employee should be aware that noting and controlling data is as essential as disposing of data the company no longer needs.

Make Retention Schedules Accessible

Your employees should never have to search for the company’s retention schedule. It is crucial to ensure that everyone has access to the schedule at any time. Employees also need to be reminded about the retention schedule on a regular basis. If an employee is not abiding by the retention schedule, it will cause both short-term and long-term problems. 

Designate a Lead for Each Department’s Team

To keep all employees on the same page, each department in your company should have its own team leader. These leaders must be very familiar with their department and able to effectively communicate with their coworkers. 

Designate a Cleanup Day

By designating a set day where employees clean out their files, it will be easier to follow a records retention schedule. The key is to make the cleanup day interesting for employees. This can be achieved by playing upbeat music while everyone gathers in the same room to organize, audit, and purge all the files that are no longer needed. 

Following these tips will help keep your company organized. Records retention should be a top priority as it can help your company grow and thrive. Contact IRCH for more information and tips about an existing or obtaining a records retention schedule for your company.

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