4 Aspects of Our Expert Witness Services

As an attorney, you already know about the importance of relying on expert witnesses. An expert in any field providing testimony in a court of law can often be the difference between winning and losing a major case. Working with an expert witness is about more than simply asking someone for a testimony. That’s why IRCH provides expert witness services that you need at your disposal.

Destruction of Records

Destroying records is a tricky prospect, as there are often state and federal requirements to be met depending on the records in question. Our team can review the current record destruction process to ensure that everything falls within the parameters set forth by the law. 

Records Retention Schedule

Expert testimony relating to a records retention schedule can include everything including national standards, legal retention requirements, business needs, and consistency. At IRCH, we provide retention software and consulting services that describe when and how long data needs to be kept and when to be discarded.

Electronic Imaging Reproductions

Our team not only has an intricate knowledge of electronic imaging methods, but we’re also retention software that you need. We examine the procedures involving the reproduction of records using microfilming, electronic imaging and other methods, and whether or not those procedures follow the correct standards.

Records and Information Management Services

We also examine other aspects of records management to determine effectiveness, accuracy, and conformance with local and federal regulations. Our team understands the entire process of records and information management, including creation of a retention schedule, implementation, and continual management. This expertise makes IRCH a great asset when it comes to expert witness needs.

Our systems and practices have helped many law firms and attorneys in their pursuit of justice for their clients. Contact us today to find out how IRCH can help you.

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