Why Information Requirements Clearinghouse and Records Retention?

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Information Requirements Clearinghouse is an established company that has been in business for over 30 years focusing on records retention. Business records are a necessity for organizations, both profit and non-profit, which need to be stored, managed and retained for periods of time or retention periods. Retention periods are determined by laws and regulations that place a legal obligation on an organization to store records.

Managing records with the legal obligation in mind enables organizations to comply with legal proceedings and reduce liability through record destruction based on current legal research. If an organization processes a record original or copy, they are required to provide the record if requested during a legal proceeding. If records have been destroyed on a timely basis using a records retention schedule based on current legal research, the organization is seen as complying with the law while reducing their liability risks.

Our company does legal research on state, federal and international levels for retention-specific legal research. The research is indexed, classified and edited for relevance and incorporated in our legal database as a primary resource for our retention software products and consulting services.

This is a brief overview of our business and activities. The cost and time for companies to do their own legal research and develop a schedule based on the results is prohibitive for all but the largest conglomerates. Our customer base ranges from small non-profits to large multinational conglomerates.

The challenge is to reduce the complexity of this process to a short overview that promotes essential points and creates a need to act.

Our products and services bring clarity to the confusion of records retention schedule creation, research, and maintenance.

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