IRCH Methodology for Creating Legally-defensible Retention Schedules (Full Presentation)

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Webinars

The complete webinar presentation by Donald S. Skupsky JD CRM FAI, President of Information Requirements Clearinghouse. The first webinar was presented on April 2, 2015, part of the IRCH 2015 Webinar series.

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Portion of the available transcript:

…The title of our presentation today is called “The IRCH Methodology for Creating Legally Defensible Retention Schedules,” that’s going to be the main focus of the beginning of my program. And then, as Andre indicated I will get into answers to some of the questions that came up during the course of the session, course of your correspondence earlier. So with no further ado, let’s get moving along.

So the topics as I indicated are creating legally defensible retention schedules. Will talk a little bit about the method that we follow and why that is in my opinion, the best for creating legally defensible retention schedules. And to reiterate that I’ll talk a little bit about defending the retention schedule and procedures in court, some of my experiences as an expert witness. And explain the methodology that an expert would follow in defending a retention schedule. Then I will get into a series of questions. I kind of lump them together into various topics. And hopefully we can deal with all those during the course of this one hour.

So what does it mean to create a legally defensible schedule and what’s required? We believe in complete legal research. We have seen so many retention schedules where either the company or consultant or even a law firm has found that controlling or longest legal requirement and indicated that, that was the research and the company followed that provision as their legal requirements. But what about all the other dozens of legal requirements that also apply to those record’s. You may or may not know whether those had been researched adequately…

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