Making the Records Retention Decision – Advanced Subjects

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Webinars

The complete webinar presentation by Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM, FAI, President of Information Requirements Clearinghouse.  This is the third webinar of the 2015 IRCH Online Presentation series presented on October 20, 2015.

The presentation of the webinar, Making the Records Retention Decision – Advanced Subjects, with transcript and presentation PDF, is available for viewing.

  • Please click here to download the presentation transcript.
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Portion of the presentation transcript:

The topics I want to cover today are related to the main topic which is looking at the whole issue of records retention and looking at it from a more advanced issue of how we make the retention decision.

First issue was something that I started in the April 2015 webinar, and you’ll be able to download that from our website, looking at how to structure the records retention schedule. I have a few more comments to make on that but I won’t go into the detail I did back in April. Then I want to look at determining the scope of our legal research. What are regulated activities, how you think about those, the relevant jurisdictions? There is an issue that comes up very frequently on competing and conflicting laws where individuals working on legal research identify a variety of different laws from different jurisdictions with different retention periods and they’re sometimes unsure how to deal with them.

We’ll also look at the retention periods, the types, the abbreviations, and I’ll actually go through a review of records retention arithmetic. I do go through this type of review with each of my new clients but for some it’s a little unusual. It is a form of arithmetic that I must frankly say that I invented with a set of rules. It is available through one of our publications, Record Retention Procedures…

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